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Corporate Communications Systems

Geographically sparse entitities such as Telcos, Multinationals, Banks, Civil Society Organizations and Development Agencies leverage Kutima's streaming technologies to broadcast meetings, internal company events, townhalls and awards ceremonies to staff and partners around the globe. The remote attendees use any connected device such as mobile phones, tablets and PCs.

Live Events

Kutima’s streaming platform is able to extend the reach of any event to individuals unable to be physically present. Conferences, product launches, press releases, graduations and concerts are all candidates for a live stream eliminiating the necessity for people to be at the event location. The virtual participants can engage on any connected device such as mobile phones, tablets and PCs.

Distance Learning

Training institutions extend the reach of their classes to students in other markets using Kutima’s online broadcast technologies. For the remote students, the technology provides for a rich engaging learning experience while at the same time lowering the costs associated with travel and accommodation.


Kutima works with broadcasters and content producers to deliver content to connected devices through its streaming platforms and associated mobile applications. The content can then be monetized in a variety of ways such as advertising revenue, subscription charges and/or pay-per view.

Religious Organizations

Kutima provides churches with the capability to extend the reach of their worship services, retreats and conferences to congregants unable to attend physically. Kutima also provides the web techologies and mobile applications that deliver live and archived video to the churches’ congregants.


The company commenced its operations by providing engineering services in software development and compliance testing of audio and video solutions. These solutions are used in various vertical markets such as aviation, automotive, mobile devices, consumer electronics and streaming media.

Kutima has been privileged to work on a number of flagship projects such as the world's first high end DVD player to implement all HDTV resolutions, the first optical disc system to launch on the Google TV platform - the precursor to Android TV and one of the first android applications released with support for Google's Chromecast.

The company has recently began moving away from engineering services to developing its own SaaS (software as a service) products for the East African market. These products are primarily focused on live streaming and online broadcast technologies. Kutima is also developing video-on-demand mobile and web platforms, corporate communication systems, e-learning utilities and digital outreach tools for religious organizations.


Kutima has participated in projects with some global brands such as
East African entities that leverage Kutima’s technologies include

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